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Navigating AI-Driven Security Frontiers (אירוע)

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our recent event hosted by Intuit on the exciting world of GenAI and cybersecurity. It was a pleasure to see so many faces, both familiar and new, as we dived into how Generative AI is impacting cybersecurity. We had a great time discussing the opportunities and challenges it brings, especially protecting AI-driven systems from cyber threats. For those who couldn't make it, the video of the event and the presentation slides are available to catch up on everything you missed.

We want to thank Intuit for hosting us.

Keynote Address:

Speaker: Ron Bitton, Principal AI Security Researcher and. Itsik Mantin, Head of AI/GenAI Adversarial Robustness Research at Intuit

Title: GenAI Meets Application Security


Delve into the critical junctions of security, privacy, and generative AI. We will talk about the GenAI attack surface and get a cookbook for securing the development lifecycle of GenAI-based applications. The session will cover critical stages and a defense-in-depth approach to security.

Second lecture:

Speakers: Sigal Sax and Rona Shamir, Senior Software Engineers at Lasso Security

Title: Coding with Security in Mind in the Generative AI Era


In today's software development, generative artificial intelligence tools have redefined the way we code. However, with these advancements come new challenges in maintaining what is exposed from our codebase and the organization's IP.

Join us for a discussion of the intersection between Generative AI-based tools and security principles, where we'll cover:

-The transformative impact of GenAI-powered tools on software development

-Real-world security threats in utilizing generative AI

-Strategies for leveraging technology advancements while ensuring code security
-Best practices for integrating security considerations from the mindset of a developer
Speakers: Vadim Gechman, Director Networking Cyber-AI | Networking Research at Nvidia
Title: Latest Developments with AI-Powered Cybersecurity

Join us for a deep dive into Nvidia's challenges and solutions in this ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. Our session will explore the complexities of cybersecurity concerns with data-first approaches. Explore NVIDIA's latest AI and data science tools, Morpheus, their cutting-edge system designed to address these challenges. In this session, we'll examine interesting case studies on how the new system addresses digital print challenges and spear phishing attacks in the context of GenAI and cybersecurity.


**The event will be held in Hebrew, and the presentation will be in English.

Who is it for?

It is ideal for advanced and senior AI researchers, data scientists, data engineers, ML engineers, VP R&D, and academics interested in exploring AI technology in cybersecurity.

Event details:

Date: 26.2.2024

Location: Ha-Psagot Street 7-9, Bldg B, 10th Fl, Petach Tikva, Israel

Intuit, a global fintech leader with a significant R&D center in Israel, is at the cutting edge of AI-driven financial innovation. Intuit is dedicated to advancing its platform capabilities while prioritizing security, privacy, and the powerful potential of generative AI. 

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