Machine & Deep learning Israel highlights: 13.1-6.1.2018

מאת אורי אליאבייב, 16 בינואר 2019

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כמידי שבוע אני מאגד לכם את כל הפוסטים הדיונים החשובים שעלו בקבוצה. השבוע היו לא מעט דיונים מרתקים על מגוון רחב של נושאים שכדאי לכם לבדוק.  כפי שאתם בוודאי יודעים, הרשימה הזו נשלחת גם בניוזלטר שלנו כמידי שבוע (הירשמו כאן!). את הניוזלטר המלא ניתן למצוא כאן (השבוע: סדנא שלי על AI לאנשים לא טכנולוגיים וכמה משרות חדשות מאוד מרתקות).

We had a great week last week (That's why it took me so long to write it). Here you can find all the interesting posts and discussions from the community:

1. Rani Horev shared with us a great summary he wrote for this very interesting article which came recently. Don't miss it.

2. Roey Mechrez and a couple of friends are now running their version of the community course and offer all the northern people a chance to learn the basics of DL for free! check it ASAP. Roey also shared with us this great work called "Photo Wake-Up: 3D Character Animation from a Single Photo ". It's truly magical.

3. Yaron Gurovitch and several other researchers published their work at the Nature magazine! The article is about "Identifying facial phenotypes of genetic disorders using deep learning". If you need to read only one link make it this one.

4. Yoav Ramon shared a work which talked about understanding pain at animals. In this work, they used a "unique" database which causes a discussion about some moral codes in our research. What do you think?

5.Eyal Zakkay shared his code "A Keras Implementation of Sketch-RNN" and we all thanks to him for that. Go draw some cool stuff!

6. Dean Langsam asked a simple question about CNN and data in tables and created a wild post with many great insights and links in the comments.

7.Shuki Cohen shared his blog about "Visualize a Message Using Python" and got great feedback from the community.

8. Zohar Komarovsky shared his work about "Deep Multi-Task Learning ". read it.

9. Ronen Tamari and his friend taught an important lesson. We can't solve everything.

10. Tamir Manor shared with us another great new course that we will not have time to take 🙂

11. Last but not least, Yam Peleg opened our eyes- The AI Apocalypse is here.

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